Dearest Shreck,

I have a small problem when it comes to work, I don’t like doing it. So much so that I seem to have developed a condition known commonly as EDS- easily distracted syndrome. For example, I just spent the last hour reading every word of your hilarious website, and now am writing you about the fact that I have EDS, though I’m not sure you hold the cure; especially since you have now become part of the problem…

– This is Really Your Fault

Dear Fault,

First of all, thank you for spending time on the site! I work hard to bring a laugh or two around, and I appreciate the feedback!

Work is rarely any fun. That’s part of what One Life to Laugh is about!  I think you’re missing a really important point here, though:  you’re not the problem, and neither am I!

A gallop poll recently showed that 70% of people are not satisfied and are disengaged at work.  That means only 3 out of 10 people are really focused on their job.  The other 7 are playing Candy Crush or checking out my blog.  Therefore, your job is the problem.  Try to see it this way: if you didn’t have to focus on getting actual work done, you’d have more time for the things you enjoy; like going to the beach, watching bad kung fu movies, and reading through One Life to Laugh’s hysterical one-liners, memorizing them so you can tell your friends, and get them hooked too.  But, because you HAVE to work, you have less time to enjoy these things.

My recommendation is to show your boss this site.  If he/she is spending time laughing, how could he/she expect anything different from you?

I hope that helps!  – Shreck