Welcome to One Life to Laugh

Let’s face it: this world has a lot of things going on to bring you down. Between work, the economy, and all the “little stuff”, sometimes it’s hard to find the silver lining. That’s where I step in: One Life to Laugh takes observations of everyday life, and puts them into a humorous perspective that not only helps to brighten your day, but hopefully makes you think about how delightfully quirky our world can be!

About Me

Hi, I’m Shreck. My “Christian name” is Jeremy Michael Sheckell, but the only person who still uses that is my mom…and then only when I’m in trouble. Shreck suits me fine: I’m big and ugly, I have a short temper, and a cute ass. Despite all of those things, I have a heart for people, and was blessed with a sense of humor (however off-kilter) to help put a smile on a face, or a chuckle in a belly.

Shreck and Stacy | One Life To LaughIn 2008, I finally conned a woman into making the biggest mistake of her life: Stacy and I were married, and now that she’s stuck with me, we can look back and laugh together! She is an insatiably curious, continuously creative, endlessly adventurous, life-loving lady who finds the bright side to EVERYTHING. I am truly blessed.

Detroit | One Life To LaughI was raised in metro Detroit, where I currently live and work! At this point, many of you are probably scared for me, but this city continues to amaze and inspire me, and the people you meet on a daily basis not only make for an incredible experience, but provide enough material that this blog will never run out of fun things to share!

Michigan | One Life To LaughThe Great Lakes State has been my home through it all (minus that brief 10 month period where I was born and moved from South Carolina…they’re still recovering). After college in mid-Michigan, I lived in the Upper Peninsula for a while before returning home to my City!

Brodie | One Life To LaughStacy and I have the ugliest, hairiest little beast of a baby you’ve ever seen. Her name is Brodie, and I’ve been passing her off as a beagle for quite a while now. I think people are actually buying into it, too…

By day, I work as a designer, assisting people with DIY projects and renovations. Whether it’s a kitchen backsplash, or a whole house, helping people create something unique gets me totally pumped!

Outside of work, I dedicate a ton of my time and effort to making music.  My band, Redemption Road, is a high energy Christian Rock band that is gaining some popularity in the Detroit area. We get to meet some amazing people, hear some amazing stories, and play some amazing music, all to glorify an Amazing God.

I am also the worship director for a church in Dearborn, MI called Christ Community Church (www.cccglocal.com). If you’re ever in the area, stop in and meet us!

When I’m not doing all of that, you’ll find me napping, or annoying the heck out of my wife with a series of jokes that aren’t funny enough to make it on this blog.

I’m thrilled you stopped by – thank you! I’m always up for making new friends, so please drop me an email or join a conversation. Enjoy!