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Are you in a sticky situation, and not sure where to turn? Ask Shreck. He’s not a therapist, but he’s cheap…

Resisting Temptation

Dear Shreck, Maybe you can help. I have a hard time staying away from things that I know I shouldn’t do. If it’s something that I want, I go for it, even if I know it’s not the best thing for me. I feel like I should have better self control. Any suggestions? – Tempted

Weight for it.

Dear Shreck, My husband will tell me from time to time that he’s fat (he’s not) and needs to work out and eat better (he already eats well.) So, in an effort to help, I make smaller portions. Every time I do he acts like I’m trying to starve him! I know from talking to


Dearest Shreck, I have a small problem when it comes to work, I don’t like doing it. So much so that I seem to have developed a condition known commonly as EDS- easily distracted syndrome. For example, I just spent the last hour reading every word of your hilarious website, and now am writing you

Smart Money

Dear Shreck- Being a college graduate yourself, what are some tips for dealing with debt from hefty student loans? – Broke but Charming Dear Broke, College is expensive, and getting more so every year. When my wife and I graduated, we had over $160,000 in student loan debts!  That’s a big number to face. Here

That’s Life

Dear Shreck, What is the meaning of life? – Name withheld to protect the innocent Dear Withheld, Life is a breakfast cereal made of whole grain oats and marketed by the Quaker Oats Company.  It was introduced in 1961, but was made popular in the 70s by ads featuring a hard-to-please 4 year old boy named

Appreciate This, Sucka!

Dear Shreck – I’ve been a stay at home mom for a little over a year. Prior to staying home, I worked full time. Even while working I did my fair share of work around the house. I was always the one to cook and plan dinner. We would sometimes rotate grocery shopping, but for

Baby Bump?

Dear Shreck – I am a younger woman (late 20s), professional and single, who carries her weight in one place:  my belly.  Despite many workout and diet plans, I haven’t been able to lose this paunch, and it has resulted in many people believing I’m pregnant. Strangers in shopping malls, at professional seminars and in


Dear Shreck – My boyfriend and I have been together for some time now, and I feel like he doesn’t talk to me anymore.  How can I get my significant other to communicate better?      – Incommunicado Dear Incommunicado, Communication can be difficult in any relationship, and when it seems like your significant other